Raise a Glass! Toastmasters & MCs

At a wedding it can be difficult to be heard. 
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It can be difficult to run to time, too. 

All the excitement, drama and sentiment on display: excited guests clumped together barely drawing breath from their conversations; the brides or grooms too love-drunk (or drunk-drunk) to micro-manage the speeches; the Father-in-law doing the lindy hop with gusto on the dance floor; the venue coordinator dealing with a flood in the kitchens...

The schedule of a day can go awry.

Once the bar is open and the legal bit is done. Why not let everyone kick off their kitten heels, cast aside their waistcoats and have a good time. 

Let someone else tie all the details, the arrangements and the timings together. 

Sound good?
So, who then..?

  • introduces the DJ or band?
  • introduces the speeches?
  • introduces the happy couple?
  • helps the photographer herd the guests into groups?
  • announces the first dance? the cutting of the cake? the bouquet toss?

A Toastmaster can. 

He/she can do all this and more, beside. 

A toastmaster is the easy-to-spot, friendly face who can liaise with the venue, services and guests. Think of them as eyes, ears and mouth for hire. These natural born public speakers will add a professional edge to the day and of course, some pomp. And who doesn't love a bit of pomp?

But most of all, after all that planning, wouldn't it be nice to get someone else to sort the small, fiddly bits out?

We think it's definitely worth it. That's why we have a number of Toastmasters in our directory and we'd like to introduce them to you. Find more fantastic wedding services here

Guild Toastmaster - Peter Minney - Covers all of UK

"Professional Toastmaster, Master of Ceremonies and Compere. Having the support of Toastmaster Peter Minney with you at the event you are organising,can only serve to enhance and bring that extra dimension to the occasion."

Find out more about Peter Minney here
Twitter here

William Freeman - Wedding Toastmaster

"As wedding toastmaster or celebrant, I enable you and your partner relax and enjoy your special day. I help from initial contact right to the end of your celebration. As wedding celebrant, I could also perform your ceremony anytime and anywhere."

Find out more about William Freeman here
Twitter here

Let's Make it Special

"As your Toastmaster, I will remove all the stress from you and your family adding colour and dignity and coordinate and skilfully conduct the day smoothly from ceremony though to the first married dance. Good weddings don't just happen."

Find out more about Let's Make it Special here
Twitter here

Barry Sims - Professional Toast Master

"I will help to make your special day run smoothly, allowing you to relax and enjoy a day to remember. Friendly and professional advice on etiquette and customs prior to and on your day. I will co-ordinate events to ensure that your day unfolds as planned."

Find out more about Barry Sims here
Contact Barry Sims here

Did you have a Toastmaster or MC for your big day? If so, would you recommend them to others? We'd love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages or use our contact page to the right.

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