What Happens To The Flowers Once You're Married?

You're married now...

You've kicked out the guests, popped the balloon arch into splats, drunk the bar dry and staggered up to your room. 

What about the flowers?

Throw them into the crowd? Throw them in the bin? Leave them for the cleaners?

It's not just the bouquet either.

What about the table flowers?The ones that have dressed the room? What about the boutonnieres?

Well, we've got a few simple ideas. Why not try them out and let us know how you got on.

Dry Them

One of the simpler options is to hang your flowers upside down in a wardrobe and leave them to dry. This is ideal if you're going away on honeymoon. Be advised however, that the petals and blooms will look different: smaller and their shape and colour will change, too. Obviously, they will still resemble your flowers. It's not magic. If you put tulips in, then snapdragons won't come out, but don't expect them to be as you remembered them on the day. Give them a good covering with hairspray once you're done to stop them from breaking off.

Press Them Dry

In this order: lay the flowers on top of a piece of cardboard, add tissue paper, then a sheet of newspaper and then put more cardboard on the top. Place a heavy book or ornament on top and tuck it away somewhere dark. After 6 weeks, the flowers should be completely dry.

Once they're dried, why not put them into a picture frame? Make an ornate feature to hang on the wall with the wedding invite or pictures. It would make a lovely addition to the marital home, or as a gift to someone else.

Remembering Others

We can't always have everyone we'd like at our wedding. Loved ones leave us too soon, and even the happiest of occasions can feel empty without them. After the wedding, why not leave your bouquet or flowers at their grave or memorial. This simple gesture is a gentle, thoughtful reminder that they are in our thoughts even when we are at our happiest.

Did you know that the Royal Family has a similar tradition? Following a Royal wedding, the bride leaves her bouquet at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Westminster Abbey.

Pass Them Onto Someone Else

Place a coin or a marker beneath a random chair at your reception (get someone else to do this if you have a seating plan) and then ask the DJ or band to announce that whoever is sitting on the coin gets the bouquet. Some couples choose to pass the flowers onto a couple who has been married the longest. It's a little more personal that throwing them over your head.

Donate Them 

Is there a hospice or care home in your local area that would benefit from a beautiful bunch of blooms or table flowers? It's an opportunity to share some love in the places where its needed the most.

If you're married, what did you do with your flowers? We'd love to hear from you over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Wondering what flowers are in bloom and when? We have a  post for that, too.

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