NOMA Want Republican Pledges to Void Same-Sex Marriages

NOMA is back in the news again this week.

Following a lengthy legal battle, the National Organisation for Marriage was told to release details of its financial backers. They did (begrudgingly) thereby revealing that they're largely funded by Catholic groups.

(They're not a religious group, though. Honest.)

New week, new NOMA story it seems...

Same-sex marriage has been legal in the United States since June, but NOMA isn’t done campaigning. Pink News report that the group has now asked all Republican Presidential Candidates to pledge their support for a new constitutional amendment on marriage. 

This new amendment would immediately void any same-sex marriage that has taken place in the US.

Not quite satisfied with sounding like super-massive douchebags, NOMA also want the candidates to pledge that they’ll protect the rights of those who don’t agree with same-sex marriage or homosexuality:

You don’t want that gay man eating in your restaurant? You don’t want that gay woman renting your apartment? You want to be free to be a total bigot?

Don’t we all just miss those days?

Of course, this is absolutely ridiculous. Of course, no rational human being would take away marriage from their own citizens, would they?

Apparently, yes.

Four Republican Presidential candidates: Rick Santorum, Senator Ted Cruz, Dr Ben Carson, and Bobby Jindal have all pledged that that’s exactly what they’re going to do. 

Give me strength. 

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