Spotlight On...Neil Devlin Magic

Planning a wedding is hard

It probably always has been, but there’s something about having a modern wedding that seems to be more, well, theatre than anything else.

You’ve seen the YouTube clips of elaborate first dances, singing waiters forming flash mobs, and speeches rapped by bridesmaids. I remember when a wedding went something like this: a ceremony, a sit-down meal, a buffet and a dance to Dexys Midnight Runners and all before the bar shut at 11.

Times have changed. Perhaps guests do have higher expectations, or maybe couples just have higher hopes for their own day. 

Whatever it is, a wedding that stands out is something we all aspire to have (and to attend).

As if planning a wedding wasn’t difficult enough, now you’ve got to plan for “fun”, too. 

Fortunately, we know someone who’ll be perfect for you big day. 

If you’re in the South East of England, then you really need to hear about Neil Devlin Magic. This isn’t about some guy standing on a stage in a sequined waistcoat pulling scarves out of a hat; this is professional close up magic. He’ll mingle with your guests keeping them entertained and captivated throughout your day.

Think of him as instant atmosphere; he's the guy who'll charm your guests, he'll break the ice between them, he'll make them forget that there's a delay on the food or that the photographer should have called you an hour ago. 

This guy is so good that he even offers a money back guarantee if you’re not happy.

If only everything to do with a wedding could be that magical, eh?

You can find out more about Neil Devlin Magic by clicking through to the Pink Wedding Days website. There's some testimonials, too, from his very satisfied customers. 

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