The Cost of Attending a Wedding as a Couple

Chances are that you’ve been to a wedding in the last twelve months. Statistics might suggest that marriage is on the decline, but it doesn’t always feel that way.

Having just accepted invitations for 4 weddings in 2016, I’m highly dubious as to how much the declining figures apply to me. 

And a lot of you probably feel the same.

We’ve written before about the rising costs of getting married. We’ve written, too, about the rising cost of attending as a guest, but it’s worth revisiting the subject. 

Credit expert Experian have released the results of a survey that suggest couples are turning down invitations because they cannot afford to attend. 

After all, couples pay double the amount each. In the past we’ve lamented with our fellow singletons about sitting alone or not having a plus one, but there will be a greater cost involved when you attend a wedding as a couple; it’s especially true for same-sex couples who may have attended the hen and stags beforehand.

When Experian asked couples about the financial breakdown for attending a wedding they found:

Of those in a relationship 1 in 6 had missed a wedding because they couldn’t afford to go.

1 in 4 couples admitted to arguing about attending a wedding.

Those in a relationship were twice as likely to turn down an invitation for financial reasons than someone who was single.

11% of people in a relationship also admitted to spending more than £800 each on attending a wedding in 1 year.

The results reveal that while most couples will split the bill for attending a wedding between them, a smaller number have admitted to paying for both themselves and their partner.

With the average cost of attending a wedding now standing at £360, it’s easy to see why accepting an invitation can become something of a financial burden for couples. With the wedding industry booming things are only ever going to more expensive for guests. 

I suppose we can only hope that wages rise in line with wedding attendance :)

You can find the full results of the Experian survey by clicking here

Have you ever had to refuse an invitation because of the cost involved? Or would you do anything to attend a wedding even if it meant taking out a loan?

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