PWD Had a Fab Night at the UK Blog Awards 2016

In February, we found out that we’d been shortlisted for a UK Blog Award. 

At first, we thought it was a wind-up. Maybe it was a scam. 

We didn’t believe it.

Once it became apparent that we’d actually been shortlisted, I (Susan) desperately started googling cocktail dresses and hotel rooms.

Fast forward to April 29th, and I was all dolled up and tottering in my ill-fitting heels through Waterloo Station to the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster.

And what an event it was!

And BFG themed. 

The organisers and event sponsors did a fantastic job in dressing the venue.

There were indoor trees, a stilt walker, popcorn, canapes, prosecco, virgin cocktails and – my personal favourite – bottles of Asahi (Japanese beer) in champagne buckets on the bar.

Odeon Cinemas (the principle sponsors) had even set up a small cinema with bean bags and auditorium seating. 

It was great to take the weight off my feet and catch some short films and trailers in between having a nose around.

There was a fantastic atmosphere, too. People were chatting and celebrating and clinking glasses throughout.

I’ll admit that I found it a little overwhelming at first. 

I’ll admit, too, that I did zero networking. 

I know, I know.

It was hard to know where to begin. Hard, too, when everyone else seemed deep in conversation

Not that it mattered. I had an absolute blast walking around and taking it all in. 

Kate Russell hosted the awards, and she was fantastic. In fact, all the main speeches were not only well delivered but interesting, too. 

It was good to hear that in the age of SEO and Google Analytics genuine storytelling is still important to big brands.

We didn’t win an award. We didn’t expect to, but it was still a heart pounding moment when the shortlist was announced. 

This was my first experience of an award ceremony, and, let me tell you, I want more.

Once the awards were handed out, it was back out into the venue for more drinking, eating and “networking”. Or not networking. 

Hopefully, we'll get another shot next year!

I must have been one of the last to leave. Grabbing a goodie bag, I staggered back to my hotel. I was so happy to see a small box of Divine Chocolates in the bag (they didn’t last long). There was even a Kilner Jar – which is just about my most favourite thing in the entire world. 

So what if we didn’t win?

I had an absolutely fantastic night. One that both myself and Pink Wedding Days are very proud to have been a part of. 

Congratulations! to all the finalists and winners.

Fingers crossed, we’ll be there next year!

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