Avoid Brexit and Seduce a European

We couldn't resist sharing this with you. 

The holidays are now upon us and for those of you lucky enough to be heading to Europe this summer it could be the time to brush up on your language skills ( your wooing skills, too).

The lovely people at Elite Singles sent us this handy guide to Europe's favourite romantic nicknames

As the news storm of Brexit continues to thunder on, an escape from the UK is beginning to look very appealing to many who voted to remain in the EU.

If you’re holidaying in Europe this summer, seducing a European could be your way out. If you use the most popular local nickname whilst flirting, it may lead to something more...

In our new international survey, EliteSingles asked 7780 singles from 14 European countries their favourite romantic nicknames.

Pick up the locals with these popular terms of endearment:

French: Mon cœur (My heart)

Swedes: Älskling (Honey)

Norwegians: Kjaer (Dear)

Finns: Kulta (Gold)

Danes: Skat (Baby)

Hungarians: Cica (Kitten)

Czechs: Milá
ček (Sweetheart)

Poles: Kochanie (Baby)

Spaniards: Cielo (My heaven / my paradise)

Germans, Austrians, Swiss Germans: Shatzi (Treasure)

Irish: Baby

You can see the infographic map here: 
Displaying EliteSingles_Infographic_Nicknames_EU

Use your European Union passport whilst you still can... Flirt with a beautiful European single this summer.

Source: 7780 European members of EliteSingles

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