Give Your Old Wedding Outfits a Dye Job

With the average wedding guest spending £432 to attend someone else’s nuptials, it’s time we all started looking at ways to reduce the spiralling cost of returning RSVPs with yes.


(£432!? Good Lord, we hope you're not spending quite that much...)

New outfits are expensive and wearing something you already own isn’t always possible or desirable. So we’re excited and relieved to hear that there’s now a clothing dye that’s as easy to use as a detergent.

Because we suck at dying.

^ Unless you mean dying over breakfast the next morning with a red wine hangover and a pocket full of wedding favours…

Dylon’s fabric dyes are a useful weapon to have in your wardrobe’s arsenal for occasions when all an outfit needs is a change of colour.

Upcycling is bang on trend at the moment, too, and it's a great way to save money whilst still looking fab. 

Here's what they had to say...


DYLON Fabric Dyes’ pioneering new Pod bursts onto the dyeing scene

DYLON Fabric Dyes has launched a revolution in home fabric dyeing – an easy-to-use Pod that you simply place into the machine giving brilliant colour results. 

No more cutting bags of loose dye and getting dye on your hands, scissors, or even worse the fear of spilling it on the floor. The easy-to-use Pod pops straight into your washing machine, before releasing the colour to be retrieved clean, empty and ready for recycling.

By following these simple steps, you can achieve a strong, all-over colour that gives your clothes a new lease of life in one cycle:

1.  Put damp fabric into the drum

2.  Just remove the sleeve and peel the foil from the top, place the Pod directly into the drum of your washing machine and run a 40°C or 30°C cycle

3.  Run another cycle 40°C or 30°C with detergent

For the strongest results, dye cotton, linen and viscose. Mixed fabrics (containing synthetics such as polyester) will dye to lighter shades. 

Please be mindful that wool, silk, fully synthetic fibres (polyester, acrylic, nylon) and fabrics with special finishes or membranes cannot be dyed. 

One Pod will dye up to 600g of dry, white fabric to the full shade.

DYLON Fabric Dyes’ top dyeing tips:

  • Weigh dry fabric to ensure you have sufficient dye for the desired effect
  • No need for salt – it’s already in the formula
  • Dry fabric away from direct heat and sunlight (do not use a radiator)
  • Only dye up to half of machine’s maximum load to avoid patchy results
From Passion Pink to Paradise Blue, your favourite colours are still available – just in a new easy-to-use format. 

The Pods are available in Wilkinson’s, John Lewis, Dunelm, Robert Dyas and craft and haberdashery stores nationwide.

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