Men are Swapping Something Borrowed for Something Blue

As weddings become more and more personalised, It’s only fair that men get a crack at customising their attire, too.

We've seen so many fantastic trends in male wedding wear and it looks like it isn’t just the top hat and tails that are getting the boot – more men than ever appear to be buying their suit outright rather than hiring.

Men shouldn’t be worried, either, about ditching black and blue for something more adventurous – we’ve seen pastels, metallic and even bolder shades working superbly well with wedding themes.

Will 2017 will be the year of the peacock groom?

"Britain’s biggest independent menswear brand with stockists across the UK has reported a spike in sales of lounge suits as grooms ditch something borrowed for something blue (to keep) when it comes to their wedding outfit.

Now determined to enjoy the wedding shopping experience as much as the bride-to-be, men are steering away from hired top hat and tails and choosing to buy sharply tailored suits instead with vivid blues the favoured colour.


Douglas & Grahame said more grooms were investing in a suit they could keep with many also treating their best men and ushers to their own suits as gifts for helping out on their big day.

Hiring the male attire for nuptial celebrations remains popular but an increasing number of grooms are deciding to buy their outfit and seeking out independent stockists to get the best possible advice.

Sales director Anton Jenkins said independent traders had increased orders of suits as the main wedding season kicks off in style.

He said those that were particularly popular were the suits in bright blue tones and fine check with a three-piece ensemble still a must-have.

He said: “Love is certainly in the air but trends are changing as men want to spend more on their wedding outfits and no longer happy to settle for a hired suit.

“Our phones have been really busy with stockists calling in extra supplies of our blue suits in brighter shades and those with a more defined and modern cut. Independent traders are looking to satisfy the demand among grooms for something more enduring for their wedding day and help in getting the right look.”

Anton said service from independents was a key factor in attracting customers.

“Grooms that do buy instead of hire are looking for a more personal shopping experience which is why they are seeking out independent traders. It’s the best way to guarantee personalised advice and someone who will pay attention to the detail.

“I think like many brides they want something that is theirs and theirs alone and even possibly something they will keep. Unlike a wedding dress, they do get even more opportunities to wear their suit should they wish to so it makes sense to buy.

“The average spend on a groom’s outfit is much lower than a wedding dress at about £300-£400 but the experience of choosing and buying it is no less special. Most independent stockists will have an altering service and that ensures they can get that perfect fit too.”

What do you guys think?  Certainly, a good lounge suit is worth more than its weight in gold, and it's far more economical than a wedding dress which will only be worn once. 

We're hoping that they'll be a trend towards bolder patterns and prints rather than just blues (although, there's nothing wrong with blue), but it's great to see men putting thought into their attire - and weddings will be all the better because of it. 

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