Can’t buy me love? The cost of a date night in the UK and around the world

Globally however, a date night in the UK is cheaper than the same date in several other major global cities.

  • An average date night in the UK costs £75

  • London is the UK’s priciest large city for romance, with an average date costing £87

  • Cardiff is the UK’s cheapest large city for romance, with an average date costing £48

  • Globally, the average cost for a date is £68

  • The most expensive date night worldwide is in Oslo, Norway (£105) and the cheapest is in Bogotá, Columbia (£34)

The cost of a date night in the UK
A new analysis from premium dating site Elite Singles has delved into the cost of love, revealing that a typical date night in the UK (consisting of a mid-range dinner for two, a shared bottle of wine, two cinema tickets, and an 8km taxi ride home) will set you back an average of £75.

However, some big cities are pricier than others:  the date mentioned above works out to an average of £87 in London, £75 in Edinburgh and £71 in Manchester.

If you’d like to save a few quid, then Cardiff might become your dating destination of choice: an average date night there is only £48. Other wallet-friendly cities include Leeds, where a date night will cost £59, Liverpool (£58), and Sheffield (£60).

Cost of a date in 10 major UK cities
1.   London: £87
2.   Edinburgh: £75
3.   Glasgow: £75
4.   Plymouth: £73
5.   Manchester: £71
6.   Brighton: £69
7.   Belfast: £63
8.   Bristol: £62
9.   Birmingham: £62
10.             Newcastle: £62

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The cost of a date night around the world

As well as looking at the cost of love in old Blighty, the dating company examined the average cost for a date night in 25 cities around the world.

Using the same criteria for a ‘typical’ date night, and converting local currencies into GBP,the analysis revealed that the average global cost of a date is £68.

On a global scale, UK wallets are getting off relatively lightly: at £71, an average date in a city like Manchester is cheaper than the same date in many other major global cities, including Sydney, Paris, Auckland, Hong Kong, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, and Oslo.

Finally, Oslo is the world’s most expensive place to have a romantic date night, with a typical evening setting you back an eye-watering £106. At the other end of the scale is Bogotá, where the same date adds up to a mere £34.

Cost of a date in 25 major global cities

1.  Oslo, Norway: £106
2.  Tokyo, Japan: £100
3.  New York, USA: £95
4.  Stockholm, Sweden: £90
5.  Amsterdam, the Netherlands: £89
6.  London, UK: £87
7.  Hong Kong: £84
8.  Auckland, New Zealand: £81
9.  Paris, France: £78
10.             Sydney, Australia: £76
11.             Toronto, Canada:£73
12.             Singapore: £69
13.             Shanghai, China (PRC): £67
14.             Berlin, Germany: £62
15.             Barcelona, Spain: £60
16.             Seoul, South Korea: £60
17.             Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: £65
18.             Moscow, Russia: £53
19.             Taipei, Taiwan (ROC): £53
20.             Nairobi, Kenya: £52
21.             Mumbai, India: £43
22.             Istanbul, Turkey: £42
23.             Mexico City, Mexico: £40
24.             Cape Town, South Africa: £36
25.             Bogotá, Columbia: £34

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