UPDATED: Scottish Episcopal Church Votes on Gay Marriage

*Updated 13th June 2017* 

The Scottish Episcopal Church has voted to allow same-sex weddings in its churches.

This is fantastic news for the LGBT community and for liberal Anglicans, but it does put the Church directly at odds with almost every other group within the Anglican communion. 

For many Christians allowing same-sex couples to marry in Church is to act against God's will (...although, they're often happy enough to overlook the other things he mentioned, too, but that's by the by, apparently...)

Ministers will have the option to opt-out of ceremonies, and the BBC report that a Missionary Bishop will be appointed to help those who oppose the move. 

Scottish Episcopal Church Votes on Gay Marriage

The Scottish Episcopal Church will vote today on whether to allow same-sex weddings in churches.

The Scottish Episcopal Church is the largest Christian denomination in Scotland. If the vote passes, then it will be entirely at odds with the rest of the Anglican community. 

The vote must be supported by at least two-thirds of the Synod's three houses in order to pass.

Current Episcopal doctrine defines marriage as being a union between a man and a woman.  It's this definition that campaigners within the Church are hoping to change. 

If successful, there could be same-sex weddings in Scottish churches by the end of the year. 

Ministers will, however, have the choice to opt-out of performing a ceremony.

I think we could all do with some good news right now, and this would be a huge step forward for Scotland's LGBT community. 

We’ll keep you updated. 

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