Against Tradition: First Dance Songs

We love it when couples do something a little different. 

Every wedding is unique, but it’s always nice to see a twist on tradition.

That’s why we wanted to share the results of The Wedding Pianist's (don't say that too quickly...) survey of unconventional first dance choices.

“There have been times when someone’s request has made me raise an eyebrow, but a first dance is supposed to be personal. If it makes you ask why and there’s a story behind it, it’s much more interesting and romantic. These days, people want their wedding to be totally different. They’ll choose a song that represents them as a couple no matter how unconventional it may seem” - Benjamin Clarke from The Wedding Pianist explains.

One respondent admitted to having Gangnam Style by PSY for a first dance. Another (which didn't make the list) had their first dance to The Jurassic Park theme songNot exactly traditional but it was probably very personal to them.

We can only imagine the reason behind choosing Cascada's Everytime We Touch, but maybe it's the secret to a long and happy marriage. 

The survey wasn't exclusively for same-sex couples, but the results are interesting nonetheless. 

In gay weddings there's no historical tradition, so same-sex couples do have more creative freedom. 

In his results, The Wedding Pianist discovered, too, that young couples were more likely to ask for a ‘live lounge’ version of a song. 

Adding a classical twist to a modern song also appears to be popular.

What was your first dance or what will it be? Did you dare or will you dare for something different?

We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a message in the comment box below, or follow these links to our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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