Real Life Wedding: Winter Inspiration (Suzanne and David)

Wedding Dress and Flowers

We may be a baby’s breath away from spring, but it’ll be Christmas before we know it.

It’s true. 

And if you’re planning on getting married in November or December 2016, then now is the time to start working things out.

The key to successful wedding planning is planning ahead.

If you’re struggling to get started, then we have some real life wedding inspiration for you.

Suzanne contacted us with her wedding photographs, (beautifully captured by Jules Fortune) and we think they’re absolutely stunning. Thoughtfully, too, she included information about her day along with a few words of advice.

Okay, we’re a same-sex wedding blog, but we couldn’t help but share Suzanne’s wedding with you. Besides, inspiration can come from anywhere - same-sex or not :)

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on their side, but it certainly didn’t seem to stop them having a beautiful and romantic day.

That’s one of the best things about a winter wedding – the cosyness of celebrating indoors.

Here’s what Suzanne had to say about her day:

Our wedding didn’t have a theme, as such, we just wanted a laid back day with our friends and family – luckily it was all under one roof so the horrendous rain didn't matter!

Also, getting married in December we were keen to steer away from the obvious Christmas theme!

*Bride and Groom’s names:* Suzanne & David

*Date of Wedding:* 12.12.2015

*Location of Wedding Ceremony and Reception:* West Tower Aughton

*Overall theme / color palette for the wedding*: Navy with Red and Orange

*Dress and Shoe designers:* Dress: Sottero & Midgley Shoes: Rachel Simpson

*Suit designer:* Whitfield and Ward

*Bridesmaid Dress and shoe designers*: Dessy Group

*Stationary Designer:* Handmade by couple

*Photographer*: Jules Fortune Photography

*Flowers / Centerpieces / Tableware:* The Flower Farm

*Jewellery worn:* Hancocks

*Advice from the Bride:* I think I’d forgotten in the run up to the wedding that the vows are the more important part of the day. We were so focused on the hubbub of organising the band, flowers, suits and dresses that the became a little overshadowed. Without a doubt it was my favourite part of the day. I’m so glad we have our wedding bands as a constant reminder.

*Any regrets?* Worrying too much in the run up, we should of trusted our venue and accepted they were experts and knew exactly what they were doing, it’s okay to delegate tasks especially to those who are well trusted and more than helpful.

*Best decision made:* Knowing when to say enough is enough and sticking to budget. We almost "last minute panicked" and booked a hot chestnut van which would have been a complete waste as all the guests stayed inside - keeping away from the pouring rain! Everything seems like it would be a really exciting addition to your wedding, photo booths, chocolate fountains and it's difficult knowing when to stop but all these luxuries won't change the most important part of the day - the promises you are making. 

I think we can all agree that it looks like a beautiful wedding. Thank you to Suzanne for sharing her pictures with us. You can visit And Ruby Makes Four (Suzanne’s blog) by clicking here. 

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