Scottish Episcopal Church Moves Toward Gay Marriage

The Scottish Episcopal Church could be the first UK Church in the Anglican Communion to allow same-sex marriages.

The Church has voted to remove the clause stating that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. 

The Anglican Communion is a group of Christian Churches across 160 countries that include the Church of England, the Church of Ireland, the Anglican Church of Canada and American Episcopal Church

It has a combined membership of 85 million members with each Church sharing a close doctrinal understanding of Christianity with the rest. 

Same-sex marriage and homosexuality pose a problem to a Communion with such diverse membership. 

If the Scottish Episcopal Church was to allow same-sex marriages, it would be fantastic news for Scottish LGBT couples but less so for the Anglican Communion as a whole. 

Same-sex marriage is unthinkable in certain parts of the world: The Church of NigeriaThe Church of Sudan, The Church of Tanzania and the Anglican Church of Kenya, for example, are all vehemently opposed to homosexuality.

Even in countries where same-sex marriage is legal, religious groups often remain opposed to it. In the UK, for example, all major denominations of Christianity, Islam and Judaism campaigned against legalisation with only a handful of smaller groups coming out in support.

The Church of England remains opposed to same-sex marriage. 

In January, the Anglican Communion issued sanctions against the Episcopal Church in the US after it accepted same-sex marriage. 

It's likely that the Anglican community will split. Despite the efforts of the General Synod, this isn't something that can be settled easily. Whilst Churches have always had differences of ideology, this is something bigger, something more divisive than anything previous. How can you appease those Churches who despise homosexuality whilst appealing to those Churches who want to celebrate gay marriage?

We’ll keep you updated. 

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