UK Black Pride to Twin in Solidarity with Paris Black Pride

Following the terrible events in Orlando this weekend, it’s important that the international LGBTI community stands together.

And we were heartened this morning to get this message from UK Black Pride whose June 26th event will now be twinned with the inaugural Paris Black Pride in July.

UK Black Pride to twin in solidarity with Paris Black Pride


· UK Black Pride will be held on Sunday 26 June at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, London 

· Paris Black Pride will be held from 15-17 July at venues across central Paris

Award-winning UK Black Pride is proud to announce its 2016 festival will be twinned with the inaugural Paris Black Pride festival.

"For more than a decade UK Black Pride has stood apart as Europe’s only pride event aimed at African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean-heritage Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people. The success of UK Black Pride stems from its determination to amplify the needs of Black LGBT people who face multiple inequalities including racism, sexism and homophobia across British society and within Black and LGBT communities.

UK Black Pride’s not-for-profit model has profiled the contributions of Black LGBT people in ways that are inclusive of lived experiences. The visibility that has been created has strengthened Black LGBT people across UK society.

The founders of Paris Black Pride have drawn inspiration from the gains made by UK Black Pride to secure the inclusion of Black LGBT people’s experiences in mainstream Pride events and public policy debates. By launching the first Paris Black Pride event, the organisers seek to put a spotlight on concerns about Black LGBT peoples’ experiences. In particular, to create dialogue about increasing social inclusion and visibility of LGBT people of colour in France.

As part of the twinning arrangement between UK Black Pride and Paris Black Pride organisers have committed to share best practices about shaping public policy discourse to challenge racism and homophobia. Organisers have agreed to build joint-infrastructure to increase visibility of Black LGBT people in public life. The organising committees have also agreed to cross-promote and attend each other’s pride events in a show of solidarity between Anglophone and Francophone Black LGBT people in Europe and beyond.

To attend UK Black Pride festival – which is organised with Pride in London – come along to the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in London between 12:00–21:00 on Sunday 26 June.

The free event features a main stage from where UK Black Pride will blend live music, politics and poetry in an inclusive and entertaining, family-friendly festival of community pride. With comedians, sports activities, education and welfare stalls, as well as world food and drink (or bring your own picnic) it guarantees something for all tastes. Join us!

To attend Paris Black Pride festival – which is organised with Carré Ponthieu, Pavillon Daunou, and Folies Pigalle – come along to any of the events organised between 15–17 July at venues across central Paris.

The weekend of community-building activities will include debates, film showings, and three long nights of parties at high-profile venues from the Champs Elysées to the Pigalle. Join us!"

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