5 Hen Do Problems: Solved

Blame the Spartans for the stag nights, and then blame them for hen parties and hag dos.  It's not your wedding, but you're not off the hook. Organising the last night of freedom for a bride or groom can be a massive headache, but here's a guest post that will give you some tips on how not to lose your cool. 

And of course, many of these will apply to the guys, too. 

5 Hen Do Problems: Solved

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or have been charged with organising her send-off, there’s plenty of pain points that come with organising a hen do to remember… Collecting money, flaky friends, travel troubles, you name it!

To help make your hen do hassle free, here are 5 simple ideas that you’ll love:

1.          One of the most awkward elements of organising a hen do is, unsurprisingly, chasing people for money! Asking for cash can be tricky at the best of times, let alone when you have a million and one other things to consider to make the event super special. Using money pooling platforms such as Leetchi.com, every guest can contribute what they need to without anyone having to take the hit of a big cost upfront! You can also monitor the status of your online money pot and see who has paid up already!

2.          Flaky friends can become a total nightmare when it comes to hen do organisation. Knowing how many people are attending is essential to working out costs for your special celebration! In the digital age it seems we’re never switched off from emails, so why not try sending a beautifully designed e-invitation through the likes of Paperless Post. With just a click guests can RSVP, making figuring out who’s coming easier than ever!
3.          A boozy night on the town isn’t for everyone, and the idea of spending a weekend hungover can be stressful for a bride with lots on her mind already. Ditch the tacky club night and penis paraphernalia for a relaxing, healthy yoga retreat instead. Unearth Yoga have some great options that you can tailor to your needs. Namaste.

4.          Getting everyone together from different parts of the country can be tough, especially if you don’t want to put people out of pocket! Encourage people who live in the same area to carpool using Zipcar. It’ll help avoid costly train tickets and is flexible too!

5.          Just because everyone on the guest list is loved by the bride to be, doesn’t mean you all necessarily know each other. There’s nothing like a few glasses of prosecco to break the ice, but you could also use hitched.co.uk’s bridal shower games to get people talking! You may find out a new thing or two about the hen and there’ll be new friendships blossoming in no time. 

What are your top tips for organising a hen, stag or hag do? We'd love to hear them.

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