Match Your Confetti to the 2017 Colours for Spring

It might be hard to imagine, but spring isn’t too far away.  For couples planning nuptials over the next few months, it’s time to start thinking about the added touches that will really make your wedding pop.

We think you’ll agree that a little bit of colour goes a long way, and that’s why we’re smitten with Pantone colour of the year inspired confetti.  

Use the pick-and-mix tool on the Shropshire Petals website to get inspired and get colourful with your wedding day confetti.

Confetti inspired by Pantone's colour of the year

Every year, Pantone releases its colour of the year and 2017’s is Greenery. Perfect for spring, green is a versatile colour that will combine wonderfully with a variety of other colours, making spring 2017 an exciting time to get married. After choosing your colour scheme it can be difficult to match every little detail exactly, so the perfect solution is to use different tones of the same colour or several colours to compliment your main theme. Shropshire Petals share their favourite confetti mixes for matching with the top 10 colours for spring 2017.

1. Greenerynatural and simple, Greenery is the ideal colour for natural, rustic and outdoor weddings. Combine it with brights, pastels and earthy tones for a pretty wedding colour scheme. As green and blue colours look fantastic together, Shropshire Petals recommends a mix of different blues and ivory in smaller petals and green hydrangea petals for a bold contrast. This mix is made up with Icing Sugar, Blue Bird, Frosted Blue and Envy.

2. Niagaracomfortable and dependable, this colour is inspired by Niagara Waterfalls. Mix with pastel colours for a soft colour scheme. Shropshire Petals recommends mixing Niagara with Pale Dogwood and Island Paradise using Frosted Blue, Candy Floss and Duck Egg.

3. Primrose Yellowwarm and joyful, Primrose Yellow is a fun, bright colour that will be really popular this spring. Make the yellow really stand out on your wedding day by mixing it with ivory and Greenery. You can choose details in all three colours and mix & match for a pretty springtime feel. For your confetti, make the colours pop by choosing Icing Sugar as your base, then add in Golden Slumber rose petals and Envy hydrangea petals.

4. Lapis Blue – bold and confident, this vibrant colour will be seen throughout 2017. Perfect for blue colour schemes as it looks stunning when combining with other blue tones. Shropshire Petals recommends mixing Frosted Blue, Icing Sugar, Blue Bloom, Duck Egg and Blue Bird for a bold blue confetti moment.

5. Flamefun and flamboyant, Flame is perfect to use for contrasting with other tropical colours such as Pink Yarrow. To really make a colour splash on your confetti photos, Shropshire Petals loves the mixture of Ginger Snap, Raspberry Fool and Clementine. Why not use the same confetti mix to add some extra detailing to your reception tables by sprinkling some on crisp white tablecloths for a bold colour pop!

6. Island Paradise – the name lends to itself, the colour of water in paradise. This colour works perfectly with other tropical bright colours such as Flame, Greenery and Pink Yarrow. Spring 2017 is going to see a lot of tropical themed weddings, making Island Paradise the perfect choice for a colour scheme. As Island Paradise isn’t a natural colour, Shropshire Petals recommend combining Duck Egg with Icing Sugar and Golden Slumber for a subtle look.

7. Pale Dogwoodromantic and feminine, this soft pink colour looks stunning on its own or combined with bright colours. For a more subtle wedding colour theme, mix Pale Dogwood with some ivory and add in a few brighter details to your wedding day. Shropshire Petals recommends choosing their Pink Lemonade confetti mix and displaying it in pale pink confetti cones.

8. Pink Yarrow tantalising and festive, Pink Yarrow is perfect for festival themed weddings this spring. You can really have some fun with this colour by teaming it with other bright colours or different pink tones. Shropshire Petals love a bold confetti moment, so they recommend keeping it simple yet colourful by using just their Cherry Blossom delphinium petals. This colour would also look fantastic combined with some ivory and used as a petal path for your aisle.

9. Kalefresh and floral, Kale is perfect for spring weddings as foliage in floral arrangements tend to be this colour. Mix it with one or two bolder colours such as Primrose Yellow and Flame, or keep it simple by complimenting it with Pale Dogwood. For your confetti, Shropshire Petals recommends contrasting this colour scheme with a simple ivory look. They recommend using their Icing Sugar delphinium petals and having your confetti moment against a darker background, which will make the confetti and the Kale hues in your bouquet stand out.

10. Hazelnut earthy and neutral, this colour is a classic with contemporary elements. Combine this pretty colour with other neutral colours such as ivory and add in a touch of vibrancy for a chic look. Shropshire Petals recommend mixing Cherry Blossom, Icing Sugar and Promise, which is guaranteed to give you that magical confetti moment you are looking for.

If you'd like to experiment with colours for your confetti, then don't forget to try the pick-and-mix tool on the Shropshire Petals website.

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